Smartrepel Hydro


Protection that keeps textiles dry and nature cleaner

Smartrepel® Hydro is Archroma’s nature-friendlier protection that keeps cotton, polyester and polyamide textiles dry. The unique technology offers exceptional, durable water repellency and it is not based on fluorine. Smartrepel Hydro produces a soft hand feel and outstanding breathability – the perfect long lasting high performance finish for any weatherproof garment.

Archroma introduces a true innovation in water repellency for outdoor clothing with the launch of its Smartrepel® Hydro line for polyester, polyamide and cotton-based textiles.

A novel technology that is not based on fluorine chemistry, PFC, PFOA, PFOS or solvents, the Smartrepel® Hydro product range supports the increasing adoption of eco-advanced materials and production processes by textile producers and brand owners adhering to industry initiatives such as the Joint Roadmap towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)*, and eco-label standards such as bluesign®** and Oeko-Tex®***.

Smartrepel® Hydro achieves a level of performance for cotton and synthetic fibers and blends as yet unattainable with alternative non-fluorine solutions, and similar to C6-based solutions.

Archroma’s micro-encapsulated technology uses a repelling agent and anchoring agent that together create a perfect symbiosis of water protection, breathability and durability. Its high water repellence performance for cotton, polyester and polyamide is tested according to AATCC 22.

Thanks to the innovative technology developed by Archroma’s R&D experts, the finish overcomes the limitations of comparable non-fluorine products currently available on the market, and achieves a soft and bulky hand-feel and strengthens the fabric against abrasion and tearing, without any yellowing.

These effects combine to create a durable, weatherproof garment that is flexible, soft to the touch and not sticky. Smartrepel Hydro’s protective properties last for more than 20 washing cycles, reaching the pinnacle of what is technically possible for any non-fluorine solution today.

The range comprises Smartrepel® Hydro CMD designed for cellulosic fibers and blends, and Smartrepel® Hydro PM for synthetic fibers.

Communicate your benefits to the consumer

Brand owners and consumers, too, will readily appreciate the opportunities that Smartrepel® offers.

The nature-friendlier Smartrepel® water repellency agents will help create customer loyalty and trust in the brands that will take advantage of its innovative technology.
Archroma offers an “Effect Label” designed to communicate the benefits brought to your textiles and garments by Smartrepel®. The “Effect Label” helps highlighting the attractive
characteristics of your collections.

* See
** Registered trademark of bluesign Technologies AG
*** Registered trademark of OEKO-TEX® Association


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