Repellency & Soil Release

Whether at sport, work or in our daily life, our clothing is subject to many expected and unexpected situations. Soil, oil, food or liquids might come into contact with our apparel, leaving stains which are often hard to remove or if removable at all. Consumer demands for better protection and cleaning properties are therefore constantly increasing, leading brands and retailers to look for the best way to provide easy care and long life for all kind of fabrics.

Archroma’s reputation has grown during the past decades thanks to its in-depth experience in protection finishes. Our Nuva® product line is based on a telomerization process designed to achieve state-of-the-art stain management properties.

Archroma’s solutions for active protection will provide water, oil and alcohol repellency, and additionally chemical resistance, while passive protection will offer stain or soil release properties. During application, the fluorocarbon dispersion surrounds each fiber with an invisible protective film. This film is responsible for achieving the highest durability for clothing, for example, or excellent initial values for instance for disposable nonwoven.

The range is constantly updated to fulfill environmental regulations. The new generation of fluorocarbons, the Nuva® N series, consists of products based on the latest C6 chemistry. The N in the product name stands for novel chemistry, no* PFOA, notable improvement in repellence, and non-sensitive in regard to compatibility with finishing chemicals.

“PFOA free” water repellence solution C6 based finishing product for extremely durable water and oil repellent and or soil and stain release finishing of textiles made of synthetic and cellulosic fibers.

Archroma opens up a new level of performance to the outdoor gear and equipment markets with the launch of fluorine-free water repellent SMARTREPEL® HYDRO.



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