Archroma is a recognized leader in integrated solutions for dyeing. Our portfolio is comprised of products designed to answer the specific dyeing requirements of all types of cellulosic, synthetic, wool and silk fibers.

Our experts provide customers – wherever they are – with technical support for the application and processing of acid, metal complex dyes, disperse, reactive, direct and sulfur dyes. In addition, thanks to our wide range of dyeing auxiliaries, Archroma offers optimum solutions for textile dyeing ensuring a well-controlled dyeing processing across a broad range of textile processes and applications.

Nylosan® E
Metal-free acid leveling dyestuffs with medium wet fastness level and very good coverage of barriness. Very high light fastness, therefore used in the carpet industry and for home textiles.

Nylosan® N
Metal-free acid dyestuff range with high leveling power and high wet fastness. Good coverage of barriness. Perfect combinability and strong build up. Also suitable for dyeing wool in combination with Optilan® MF dyes.

Nylosan® S
Metal-free acid dyestuff range with the highest wet fastness level in the market. The dyes show very good combinability without blocking and a strong build-up. Easy, short and reliable dyeing processes in combination with Opticid® VAN liq or Opticid® VS liq c.

Lanasyn® F
Metal-free, brilliant acid dyestuff range with high wet fastness level but limited combinability. These dyes are possible shading elements for the Nylosan® S and Lanasyn® M dyestuff ranges.

Lanasyn® M
1:2 metal complex dyestuff range. Shows very high wet and light fastness levels. Possible shading elements for the Nylosan® S dyestuffs.

Optilan® MF
Metal-free acid dyestuffs for wool that are readily combinable and exhibit very good leveling properties coupled with a high wet fastness level. They are especially recommended for yarn and piece dyeing of 100% wool, as well as silk fibers, and blends of these substrates with other fibers including wool/polyamide blends. Optilan® MF dyes exhibit good root-tip partition and are therefore very suitable for dyeing long haired wool such as alpaca, cashmere, mohair or angora.

Foron® E
Disperse dyestuffs that are distinguished by their high migration power and very good coverage of material differences. These dyes are the preferred choice when leveling problems are to be expected.

Foron® S
Disperse dyestuffs with high sublimation fastness. These dyes show very good chemical stability and are suitable for exhaust dyeing processes as well as Thermosol dyeing and printing.

Foron® RD
The original rapid disperse dyeing range for polyester fibers. The dyes are characterized by their optimum reproducibility and rapid dyeing performance.

Foron® S-WF
A complete range of high-sublimation fast disperse dyestuffs with excellent wet fastness properties even after post-setting. Foron® S-WF dyes are suitable for yarn and piece dyeing by the exhaustion process as well as for continuous dyeing and printing. The dyes are easily clearable and are ideal for dyeing polyester/cellulosic blends using the economical SWIFT process: an
innovative solution for dyeing all depths of shades, which minimizes the environmental impact by meeting industry demands for shorter and economical processes that save
water and energy.

Foron® SE-WF
A compact range of medium-sublimation fast disperse dyestuffs with very good wet fastness properties even after post-setting. Foron® SE-WF dyes are particularly suitable for dyeing 100% polyester and
polyester/elastane fabric blends by the exhaustion process. The dyes are easily clearable and are also suitable for dyeing polyester/cellulosic blends by the exhaust or continuous methods.

Foron® AS
Disperse dyes which are especially suitable for the dyeing of automotive and home textiles and have been developed to withstand the highest light fastness and hot light fastness requirements.

A compact range of cationic dyes suitable for application on CDP, CDPA and Aramid fibers. The dyes are particularly suitable for the production of high wet fast color-blocked or contrast effects on CDP/PES and CDP/Elastane blends for sportswear and activewear.

Drimaren® HF
Highest reproducibility from pale to dark shades with very high level of fixation and excellent washing off and wet fastness properties in both exhaust and continuous applications. Meet the toughest retailer and brand house requirements. Their robust dyeing behavior on modern, ultra-low liquor ratio dyeing machinery combined with low temperature (60°C) washing o requirements guarantee
resource savings and ensure environmental sustainability. Meets standard retailer and brand house requirements.

Drimaren® HF-CD
Highly compatible ternary for pad batch and continuous dyeing ensures excellent reproducibility in the most difficult pale to medium shades, from lab to bulk and bulk to bulk. Very low tailing tendency, photochromic free and high light fastness range with excellent all round fastness performance.

Drimaren® K
Drimaren® K dyes are classified as warm dyeing reactive dyes recommended for all exhaust and continuous dyeing procedures. The complete dye/fiber reaction takes place optimally at 40-60°C in exhaust applications. In this temperature region the Drimaren® K dyes are notable for their excellent penetration and level dyeing behavior. The range is distinguished by elements with very bright shades covering the complete color space. A strong dye-fiber bond combined with robust chromophores means that the range meet the toughest retailer and brand house requirements. Their high reactivity and excellent stability allows ‘silicate free’ dyeing in the cold pad batch process where full fixation can be achieved using soda ash alone.

Drimaren® X/XN
Drimaren® X/XN dyes are classified as hot dyeing reactive dyes and are distinguished by unequalled penetration and level dyeing behavior due to their high migration potential. Highly recommended for dyeing difficult substrates such as viscose, cellulosic blends and garments even under the most problematic dyeing conditions. Robust system for dyeing brilliant yellow, green and turquoise shades guaranteeing dichromism free, reproducible shades.

Drimaren® CL
Economy and high color strength for dyeing the deepest shades. Very good washing off and wet fastness properties.

A range of metal free and metal complex (for high light fastness) direct dyes, which are suitable for dyeing cellulose and its blends. High wash fastness can be obtained with Optifix® fixing agents. Selected elements have good high temperature stability at 130°C therefore can be used in a one bath dyeing process for polyester/cellulose substrates in combination with Foron® disperse dyes.

Diresul® RDT
Pre-reduced sulfur dyes with minimal sulfide content. The liquid form makes them suitable for automatic dosing systems. Complete palette. Suitable for more ecological dyeing solutions in yarn (denim), continuous and garment dyeing applications.

Optisul® C
Sulfide free solubilized sulfur dyes in liquid form. Especially suitable for obtaining elegant distress looks by simple and ecological Pad-Dry application.

A newly developed pre-reduced indigo solution for easy handling in yarn dyeing of denim with reduced dyebath chemical consumption.







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