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Fast and brilliant heavy metal free* acid dyes
Heavy metals can be an unwanted by-product in the textile industry. Archroma has been putting focus on introducing heavy metal free* dyes specifically for polyamide, wool and silk dyeing.

The latest super bright and super wet-fast Nylosan® dyes, for example, allow textile manufacturers to offer brands and retailers a wide array of new, exciting and durable colors – colors that for the consumer will retain their depth and brilliance over many washes.

The latest add-ons to the range, Lanasyn® Flavine F-5G and Nylosan® Brilliant Red S-3R, offer the same benefits as all other dyestuffs in the range:

  • Metal free*
  • Very high wet fastness
  • Excellent combinability
  • Outstanding build up

New! Lanasyn® Flavine F-5G

This new dyestuff, introduced at the last ITMA 2011, is probably the most brilliant yellow acid dyestuff currently available on the market. It opens new horizons in design and fashion that simply didn’t exist in the yellow and green shade area for polyamide and wool. It is perfectly combinable with Lanasyn® Turquoise M-5G; the combination showing tone-in-tone rate of strike, no mutual blocking and high build-up.
Textile designers, dye houses and textile printers could only dream of exciting bright greens; Archroma makes the dream come true.

New! Nylosan® Brilliant Red S-3R

After several years of research, Archroma brings to the world** a true innovation: Nylosan® Brilliant Red S-3R, the latest addition to the super wet fast Nylosan® S range for polyamide and wool. Nylosan® Brilliant Red S-3R has no equivalent on today’s market when it comes to brilliance, build-up and fastness.

* Below limits of detection
** This product may not be available in every country due to pending chemical registrations.


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