Traditionally, the production of denim has involved huge quantities of water, with all the attendant problems of cleaning or disposing of the significant amount of wastewater. This, however, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to Archroma’s Advanced Denim.

With this revolutionary technology, Archroma has developed a more ecologically positive dyeing method. Instead of indigo, the Denim-Ox and Pad/Sizing-Ox processes use a new eco-friendlier generation of concentrated sulfur dyes, Diresul® RDT. Usually, in dyeing with indigo, a tremendous amount of water is used in washing off.

With the first Advanced Denim process though – the Denim-Ox – water consumption for washing off is significantly reduced, so the wastewater generated is much less than in the conventional process. The Pad/Sizing-Ox process is one step forward in this line as there is no water consumption for rinsing. A further advantage is that there are no effluents. This ready-to-use Archroma solution towards zero discharge is already available to retailers and brands from many accredited mills around the world today.

In total, when employing the Archroma Advanced Denim processes, compared to a traditional denim process:

  • water consumption can be reduced by as much as 93%,
  • up to 87% of the usual cotton waste is avoided
  • around 30% can be saved in energy costs

The innovative sulfur dye Diresul RDT has already been awarded several eco-labels for its major environmental benefits. These include the EU Ecolabel, the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, a worldwide uniform test and certification system for textile products of all processing stages, as well as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the world’s leading standard for organic fibers, and the bluesign® standard.

This is awarded for manufacturing processes geared to maximum resource productivity under environmental protection, health and safety aspects. In November 2012, Advanced Denim was honored with the prestigious ICIS Innovation Award.

Rainbow on earth: a more efficient way to explore new color possibilities
Colors other than blue have been in the past trickier to achieve but with Diresul® RDT dyes in combination with the Denim-Ox and Pad/Sizing-Ox processes it is much easier. The process is simple to control, more efficient and suitable for small batches.

Advanced Denim makes it very simple to rapidly respond to changing demands from the market. Archroma’s full range of Diresul RDT sulfur dyes, including non-indigo based Diresul® RDT Indicolors, allow unique effects, better reproducibility of tones and shades and more precise results to be achieved – without making any changes to existing production lines.

Solutions with Archroma’s functional chemicals:


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