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Swim suits that mimic shark skin caused a sensation when first launched. In the consumer market too, many innovative effects allow passionate sport practitioners to stand apart from the competition.

Sport apparel must not only fit perfectly when it is tried on, but also dry quickly and stand up to the combined effects of sun, salt, and chlorine, without fading, stretching, or looking worn out. With our products and processes, even the most unusual designs are given a colorfast, watertight, and non-fading sheen. Highly elastic fibers allow refined cuts which provide skintight, permanent wearability. The new materials dry in no time at all.

Glowing colors and fantastic prints make an eye-catching impression on your customers. You can count on Archroma to help do just that.

Take the example of the newly released Lanasyn® Flavine F-5G, a metal free* acid dyestuff for new color dimension in brightness!. Lanasyn® Flavine F-5G shows brilliance levels never achieved before. It has simply no equivalent on the market.

* Below limits of detection

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