Bringing ink manufacture back to the printer

Introduced in November 2015, Inkpresso® is a pioneering system that Archroma believes will mark a turnaround in the textile digital printing market.

More than 20 billion linear meters of printed textiles are produced every year. Currently, only around two percent of these are made using digital printing techniques.

Developed together with Ink-Situ, a Swiss technology provider, Inkpresso® will change the way inks are supplied to digital printers. The system brings together benefits that were unattainable so far in inkjet printing: Production flexibility, no shelf-life problems, a larger color spectrum and the possibility of an individual coloristic fingerprint.

A major component of ready-mixed inks is water. This, however, leads to higher transport costs, increasing environmental impact and reduced shelf life. The Inkpresso system enables mixing of the required ink on site and on demand.

The central component of the system is the Inkpresso Ink Formulation Unit (IFU), where eight color modules are available. The colors can be mixed to meet manufacturers’ specific needs – at any time.


Depending on the size and complexity of the printing company, inks can be sent directly from the Inkpresso IFU to the printer through a piping system, or several printers can be supplied simultaneously using a special distribution unit. In addition, colors can be stored for several weeks in a storage unit.

Inkpresso is driving the digital printing revolution by bringing ink manufacture back to the printers themselves.


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