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Multifunctional solutions for a longer service life
Insulation of walls and ceilings is one of the most important aspects in modern buildings and architectural constructions. An intelligent insulation system provides environmental protection and helps cut costs considerably. Technical textiles on the outside of buildings and architectural constructions have subsequently become irreplaceable. And they have to meet a number of complex requirements, which are necessary to make modern buildings as functional and as secure as possible.

Next to water-repellent capability, flame-resistance, alkali-proofness, water vapor permeability, mechanical stability and low weight, the list of required characteristics could go on and on forever. Archroma’s products for the suppliers of the construction industry are used for a broad variety of purposes which all have one common goal: to improve people’s lives and to enhance the places in which they work and live.

Helping to construct the future

Technical textiles are also used in the field of geotechnology. Usually invisible and buried under the ground, they are fundamentally important for the installation of garbage dumps, insulation, noise control barriers and many other infrastructure facilities. Furthermore, technical textiles are used in landscape architecture, allowing the full magnificence of green areas and parks to be on permanent display.

For geotechnology, technical textiles take on a decisive role in a double sense. They stabilize the earth by preventing the seepage of ground water, thereby averting erosion. In addition, these textiles safeguard the environment through their antimicrobial function, thus protecting the ground water as well our health.

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