Blue Magic


All-in-one solution for discontinuous pretreatment with Imerol® BLUE liq

Archroma’s new all-in-one bleaching auxiliary is the key to the new Blue Magic process. Based on Imerol® BLUE liquid, it generates both economic and ecological advantages. Besides its advanced brightening effect, Blue Magic adds up to higher productivity, simplified handling, better uniformity and improved dye-ability, with less impact on the environment.

Imerol® BLUE liq is a wizard with a hat full of fantastic magic tools. One single product delivers an efficient, economic and short discontinuous pretreatment. Whether you need a ready-for-dyeing grade or the brighter optical white, the Blue Magic process will deliver it, without a separate rinsing, with less water, shorter time and reduced energy.

From yarn to cotton flocks, through terry towels, woven and knitwear, The Blue Magic process allows savings up to:

  • 50% in water
  • 40% in energy
  • 50% in time

It is so simple that it seems magic!

The combination of the exceptional properties of Imerol® BLUE liq, based on the Singulet Bleaching Technology, opens new doors for the exhaust bleaching world. Blue Magic can be used in all the different forms of discontinuous pretreatment.

The combination of Imerol® BLUE liq and optical brighteners allows to achieve the highest degree of whiteness. Either in one step for high whiteness or in two steps for the brightest optical white, the Blue Magic process will dazzle you.


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