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Breakthrough technology for eco-advanced colors

Brands are becoming more and more eco-conscious in their choice of materials and suppliers, and are integrating the major and growing importance of sustainable processing. And for denim brands, this should certainly be a major consideration.

Being a favorite all over the world, jeans are produced in huge quantities, a production that is know to rely considerably on natural resources.

For Archroma, this is nothing new. Since 2009, Archroma offers two breakthrough eco-advanced dyeing processes under its ADVANCED DENIM concept:

  • Denim-Ox
  • Pad/Sizing-Ox

ADVANCED DENIM, compared to a conventional denim dyeing process, allows savings up to:

  • 92% in water
  • 87% in cotton waste
  • 30% in energy

In an unlimited range of tones and shades with superior color fastness, denim retains the traditional jeans look you love but, thanks to ADVANCED DENIM from Archroma, comes with a wealth of additional features that set it apart from conventional indigo-dyed fabrics.

Our ADVANCED DENIM technology was honored with the prestigious 2012 ICIS Innovation Award and Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit Award. Archroma was one of the first companies to be awarded a European EU Ecolabel* for its illustration collection of jeans in recognition of the sustainability benefits of ADVANCED DENIM.


Colors – Blowing the spectrum wide open
For over a century, the principle dyes used in the production of standard blue denims were indigo-based, which restricted the palette of colors available to manufacturers.

ADVANCED DENIM eliminates the limits imposed by a single blue base and opens the door to an infinite range of shades and hues: arctic night, blue sky, dark sea, earthy tones, greens and a full range of colors inspired by and created for nature. Together with blues, navies, grays and blacks perfect for any use or any occasion.

Finishes – Denim never looked this good before
ADVANCED DENIM offers a full range of options that cover any brand owner’s or mill’s needs. Embracing the entire manufacturing process from pre-treatment to dyeing and finishing, it brings a brand new interpretation to the concept of look and feel.

Whether it’s luxurious or smart, glitzy or urban, ADVANCED DENIM from Archroma opens up a wealth of practical new options for the denim market: special finishes that are ultra-soft to the touch; finishes designed to repel liquids or to release soiling and stains in the wash; or magic softeners that produce fabrics with a fabulous, full, smooth finish.

Quality – Superior quality you can see and feel
ADVANCED DENIM raises the bar when it comes to quality, too. Whether it’s solid or ring denim, brilliant highlights or subtle details, Archroma’s new process can be fine-tuned to produce any effect you wish.

And whether you want to eliminate fading after repeated washing or retain the natural light touch of inalterable raw denim, produce fabrics that withstand friction and abrasion or cut out yellowing problems, ADVANCED DENIM gives you ultimate versatility and permits you to choose the best processes and dyestuffs for any requirement.


Archroma’s groundbreaking technology opens up a vast range of new production benefits and at the same time reduces the effects of manufacturing on the environment. What this means for you as a producer is more precise results, better color fastness and improved reproducibility of color tones and shades.

Denim production – The industrial revolution comes to the dyeing sector
Dyeing blue denim traditionally involves ten to twelve boxes prior to the sizing stage. Archroma’s Denim-Ox process radically slashed this to four, and now the revolutionary Pad/Sizing-Ox process reduces it yet again to just one box. And that’s without sacrificing any of its fabulous visual effects, some of which are impossible using conventional methods.


Indigo-free – Now denim manufacture has vast, sustainable potential
ADVANCED DENIM’s Diresul Indicolor concept opens up a rich new vista of production and design possibilities. Apart from eliminating hydrosulfite in the dyeing process, it makes manufacturers more versatile by offering them the choice of solid or ring denim and a wider range of blues and navies, blacks and grays. It enables them to create new effects by using sustainable techniques at either the dyeing or wash-down stage, and guarantees overall higher-quality results.

In the past, most of the features and effects that make jeans so special and so versatile have been created during wash-down using chlorine and permanganates, use of which is controversial. Now ADVANCED DENIM allows you to use peroxide-based wash-downs and sidestep any environmental issues.

All this means is that manufacturers and consumers who care about sustainability now have a real choice without compromising on any fabulous visual effects: ADVANCED DENIM

As the world’s leading innovator in the denim processing industry, Archroma provides its customers with extensive customer support, applications know-how and all-round service. The product range covers every stage of the denim processing chain from pre-treatment, dyeing, sizing, special one-step dyeing and sizing, through finishing.

More importantly, the visual effects and finishes made possible by ADVANCED DENIM are often beyond the capabilities of conventional dyes, and the process saves time, water, energy and cotton, and eliminates the problem of waste water.

ADVANCED DENIM isn’t just a process but a whole product philosophy designed to ensure that manufacturers who adopt the system have fast, all-round support all down the supply chain. Solidly based on product development experience and textile finishing expertise, our services include:

  • checking and analyzing specific colors or effects
  • testing and trials
  • product support, optimized dye recipes and process recommendations
  • quality control
  • process optimization
  • global technical expertise and marketing support

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art process that seamlessly unites technology, ecology and fashion in a single sustainable package, you search is over: the answer is ADVANCED DENIM.



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