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Highest performance and highest ecological safety
NanoSphere® transfers the natural non-stick and cleaning effect to the surface of the fabric via modern nanotechnology and achieves top results regarding oil and water repellency, abrasion resistance and washing permanence. Due to the use of the most modern C6 fluorocarbon technology, NanoSphere® is also free of PFOA and PFOS*.

The NanoSphere® finish meets the challenging specifications of the bluesign® standard. A specially developed matrix ensures that the millions of nanoparticles on the surface of the fabric cannot separate from the substrate, so there is no danger that they will vanish during washing, dry-cleaning or ironing.

NanoSphere® is a finishing technology Archroma launched in cooperation with Schoeller Technology AG.
Creating stunning new effects with nanotechnology
Archroma has a clear concept for modifying the surface of textiles on a “molecular” level – by applying molecules in the form of the finest possible dispersions of solutions which self-organize on the textile surface or react with the textile surface.

Within the framework of our nanotechnology concept, we have developed a range of products that produce innovative effects and therefore create new functions for textile goods. Our developed products make textiles wrinkle-free and soil resistant or give them a deep color or a soft texture.

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Archroma’s Brand & Performance Textile Specialties Business

NanoSphere® surface, water/dirt lies on the peak,
lower contact area.

Archroma’s Brand & Performance Textile Specialties Business

Classic surface, level of adhesion is very large.
Product features:

• Naturally self-cleaning
• Unique repellency of water and stains
• High level of abrasion resistance
• Durable protective function and lots of comfort, even with heavy-duty use, frequent washing and cleaning
• Application on all types of textiles (cotton, synthetics etc.)
• Look, feel and breathability are not affected
• Ecologically clean textile finish developed in accordance with the bluesign® standard
• NanoSphere® finish supported by latest C6 fluorocarbon technology
• Free* of PFOS and PFOA

Market segments:

• Outdoor
• Sportswear
• Workwear, uniforms
• Men’s wear
• Home textiles
• Shoes

® NanoSphere is a trademark of Schoeller Technology AG
* below limits of detection



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