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SANITIZED AG is a pioneer and a specialist in developing, manufacturing and marketing safe, effective and ready to use antimicrobial additives. A team of specialists in chemistry, safety and regulatory affairs, microbiology and marketing are the basis of a successful history for over 50 years.

The message of the Sanitized® quality seal to the customer is safety, hygiene, well-being and material protection. The Sanitized® quality seal is a promise to the consumer. It is therefore only to be given to finished goods where the consumer’s expectations can be fulfilled. Finished goods branders desiring to use the Sanitized® quality brand on their end articles have to be in-line with the Sanitized® license standard.

For more information about the new Sanitized® branding and the license concept visit the website of Sanitized AG.
Technology support by Archroma
The Sanitized® products and services are available through the worldwide distribution network of Archroma. They add value to textiles, in particular in the following end-use markets:

  • Active wear and swimwear
  • Casual and business wear
  • Underwear and socks



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