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Quiospheres® – Patented technology for wellness cosmetotextiles

Smart phones, social media and interconnected technology all provide consumers with more free time to create even more personal space and time for the more important things in their busy 21st century lives. For those who want to feel good all day, everyday, technological wizardry falls short.Until now — and the arrival of Quiospheres® high performance, active cosmetics designed to add value to the clothes you wear, and add a feel-good factor to everyday living. Imagine going about your usual activities – and the clothing next to your skin can generate and regenerate the cosmetic benefits of a smoother, firmer skin, feelings of wellness and well-being – but without any extra effort on your part since high end ingredients are ‘transphered’ to your skin.

The Lipotec’s cosmetic ingredients in Quiospheres® are acknowledged as high value and exceptional strength. Brands and their partners in textile production have the choice of two products:

• Quiospheres® moist
• Quiospheres® slim.

Archroma’s new application technology of the microcapsules to the fabric is quality-controlled and they are distributed evenly across the fabric. Quiospheres® microcapsules are protected and are unaffected by the impact of handling, mechanical stress and high temperature throughout the textile production process. Garments can be made up, pressed, ironed and steamed at warm temperatures up to 120°C (for 1 minute).

Quiospheres® technology can be applied to any textile fabric, such as cotton and nylon. Archroma’s newly developed application technology enables the exclusive development of long lasting, superior quality, advanced concepts in textiles. With Quiospheres®, textile manufacturers are offered new opportunities and ideas for their specific textile sectors and customers; brands can think about new aspects of creativity and meet an unaddressed demand for textiles with a wellness twist, interpreting the emotions and desires of modern living.

(Quiospheres® is a registered trademark of Lipotec S.A.)



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