Double Black

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Prepare for a superior level of black
Double Black is a synergy of dyeing technologies that creates stunning, deep black shades under any lighting conditions, with great flexibility and excellent wash-fastness.

Double Black brings together in one process a sulfur black dyestuff, Diresul® Black RDT-2KS liq, and a reactive black dyestuff, Drimaren® Black CL-S, resulting in a superior level of deep black shades and enhanced performance for cellulose fibers.

Double Black represents a significant improvement in the field of black shades for cellulose. It combines the high performance of sulfur blacks (perspiration/ light fastness, etc.) with the features of reactive blacks (shade flexibility, repetitive washing fastness etc.). As a result, a superior level of depths, tone flexibility and fastness is achieved.

And all that is achieved without an increase in processing time because scouring and Diresul® black dyeing is carried out at the same time.

The “Double Black” advantages:

  • Deepest obtainable black shades
  • Shading flexibility
  • Shade stability under different lightings
  • Excellent covering of immature/dead cotton
  • Good perspiration light fastness
  • Good repetitive washing fastness

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